Fistful of Pesos – Character Submission

Update – July 30th – 2012

With just three months to go before the scenario it is now time for those who have booked their place to submit a character. Please send a brief character outline, including name, profession or occupation, the direction you are travelling (i.e. northwards from Hidalgo [towards America] or southwards from Chihuahua [towards Mexico]), and the reason for your journey. You may include as much or as little detail with your initial character information as you wish. Once all of the characters have been submitted we will send out some background information to each player to help flesh out their character and add some background which may, or may not, become relevant in the build-up to the scenario or during the actual scenario itself. If you need any help creating your character or have any questions about what is required please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Once you are ready to submit your character please send it via e-mail to John Roberts at

To help you visualise the geography here is a map of the area around Chihuahua.

Note the map is not historic and shows modern Mexico

Map of Chihuahua

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